Monday, July 18, 2011

Full Bib Reversible Apron - oh yes, I did it!!!!!!

Hi there.  It’s a new week, thank goodness!  

I got brave and used a full apron I had on hand as a pattern (or tried to) and I finally used my bee fabric. After some trial and error – I figured out how to make the pocket with a border, sew on straps and make the entire full apron reversible.  I will note at this point that the graphics didn’t transfer as I had hoped.  Every kind of transfer paper that I found had a white background.  I could not find clear paper for the transfer anywhere, which meant cutting out as much as I could and leaving some white.  So, I’m not happy with that part, and if you look really close the strap/apron edge on the right has a tad of white showing – so I didn’t sew exactly straight (big surprise there).  I am making myself a note at this point, NO MORE FABRIC WITH LINES ACROSS.  It’s like a neon sign saying look at me, I can’t sew straight.  L  Also, I did not put a pocket on the other side, I mean enough was enough after all that fuss on the reverse.  If they need a pocket, they can just turn that baby around, right?

(Yes, I realize this needs some major ironing - which it got later, but I was so excited that I finally figured it out - I had to take the picture immediately).

Ultimately, I made a fully reversible apron that was created from scratch with my own two hands and I am absolutely proud of the effort and the final product.  Wonky is as wonky does I guess.  I can live with that.

Next project is a table runner that I am putting together; it’s square and does not hang off the ends of the table and I don’t care if it’s supposed to.  I like it better like this.  Ooo Wee – do you hear that – I’m getting all “sewing combative” in blogland.

Also, I have a really old “family” mirror of the Chief's that needs some work and I’m going to putty, sand, paint and distress.  That should prove interesting.  The Chief was terrified when he saw I bought a putty knife and some primer.  Hee hee, I love that.  I am sooo doing this just to prove I can.  

It’s going to be a great week, I refuse to believe anything else but…

Happy sewing.