Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Taggie? Tuckered and Tomorrow

Well its been a really long while since I've been online and so much has happened lately, to be honest, I haven't even thought about sewing or making anything.  Sorry for being gone so long, I feel like I have missed so much. 

Well, I finally reached an "I need a tension buster" point in my world and I picked up some unfinished things and finished them.  I made three new burp rags, same as I made before and I saw the cutest thing online that I had to try.  A taggie blanket.  Have you heard of it?  I hadn't.  I did ok for a first attempt, but whoever suggested that you leave the corner open was INSANE.  If you EVER leave an opening to flip - do it on the side - trying to tuck in the edges and form a point and pin and sew while holding the taggies straight was enough to bust my bubble!  I took a few pictures for you to see, I folded it over so you can see both sides.  It was actually fairly easy, although it is not perfect by any means.  Notice or hopefully you don't notice that I tried to hide that uncooperative corner mentioned above! Still it was fun...

I have a few other things I want to make - an envelope pillow cover and a sausage pillowcase and I think I remember how to do those things, so hopefully that will go quick and smooth.  The Chief asked me yesterday if I wanted to get a real machine (this when I was throwing a fit about the corner not sewing together right) and I had to calm down long enough to tell him it wasn't the operation, it was the operator!  I hate telling him that.

Anyway, we moved Mom to a senior apartment the next street over from us.  There is a lot of adjustment for her and for us.  I think she and the country dog have cried a lot lately.  It's for the best, but wow its hard. 

And then there's Rocky - black dog.  He is sick - has been up coughing for three days now.  Vet gave him an antibiotic.  I feel like there wasn't enough of me to go around before (well there's more than enough if you want to talk bulk, but that's not the direction I'm headed here) and now I'm up all night with my baby for the third night.  I kinda look like a zombie from a horror movie.  A big one.  People stopped making eye contact with me yesterday - maybe it was my hair hee hee.  Chief is offering me mucho moola if I agree to dye it back blonde.  Big baby.  I'm doing it of course.  Too tired to rebel...I know you know what I mean.

Please say a prayer, for Mom, for Rocky and for Me.  And let me know if you need prayer, I can add you to my list.  I'm going to have to start writing it down soon.  But always room for more!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  The blessing is that tomorrow we get to try and do it all again if we are lucky!  Thank you Lord for tomorrow!!! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Gifts and Big Ideas

OK, guilty as charged.  I get these "big ideas" in my head where I think I can just whip up some cute little things for a gift.  Sure I can, I think to myself, it will just take me a couple of hours.  Yeah, well, the last baby blanket took weeks.  No, seriously.  It sat on my kitchen table half sewn forever.  It was that darn silk binding.  The Chief threatened to "lose" that blanket along with my machine if I didn't just sit down and sew.  I did.  Last night.  Until after midnight.  I resewed some.  I pulled some stitches.  I fussed, cussed and was nonplussed.  I wrapped that baby up with a bow along with a pillow I made previously and some burp rags.  FINALLY!

I just handed it to the lucky recipient and told him to tell his wife that it was at least good enough for their puppies.  Although, to be honest, I let my "babies" Angus and Rocky use all of our blankets, so it isn't as wrong as it sounds.  I am glad to be rid of it, but actually rather disheartened about it.  It was not as neat as the first one - and my skills are lacking big time.  I guess YouTube was a great beginning, but perhaps now I should proceed with a few real lessons?  I like the feeling of creating something from nothing.  I like handing someone something that was made with effort and care.  I don't like knowing if someone handed it to me, I would see the stitching and go "hmmmmm"... I guess we are all our own worse critics, right?

As far as new projects, I desperately need to sew a table runner and we need curtains on a window in the dining room.  I could always use some pillows in the living room.  I saw one with a deer head applique that was really cute.  I need to practice more, guess I should practice on things to keep until the lines are straighter and the stitches are consistent.  OK, its a plan. 

Oh, I did see a damnit doll idea that I love.  I know, one project at a time.  Could have used the damnit doll last night while sewing that blanket, though.  See that should be my first priority - sew some, get frustrated, beat the crap out of the damnit doll, sew some, go have a drink, sew some, have more to drink, turn out the lights go to bed and start again tomorrow....I love to sew, yeah right, I love to sew, sure, sure, I love to sew, wah wah wah............. :(

Monday, July 18, 2011

Full Bib Reversible Apron - oh yes, I did it!!!!!!

Hi there.  It’s a new week, thank goodness!  

I got brave and used a full apron I had on hand as a pattern (or tried to) and I finally used my bee fabric. After some trial and error – I figured out how to make the pocket with a border, sew on straps and make the entire full apron reversible.  I will note at this point that the graphics didn’t transfer as I had hoped.  Every kind of transfer paper that I found had a white background.  I could not find clear paper for the transfer anywhere, which meant cutting out as much as I could and leaving some white.  So, I’m not happy with that part, and if you look really close the strap/apron edge on the right has a tad of white showing – so I didn’t sew exactly straight (big surprise there).  I am making myself a note at this point, NO MORE FABRIC WITH LINES ACROSS.  It’s like a neon sign saying look at me, I can’t sew straight.  L  Also, I did not put a pocket on the other side, I mean enough was enough after all that fuss on the reverse.  If they need a pocket, they can just turn that baby around, right?

(Yes, I realize this needs some major ironing - which it got later, but I was so excited that I finally figured it out - I had to take the picture immediately).

Ultimately, I made a fully reversible apron that was created from scratch with my own two hands and I am absolutely proud of the effort and the final product.  Wonky is as wonky does I guess.  I can live with that.

Next project is a table runner that I am putting together; it’s square and does not hang off the ends of the table and I don’t care if it’s supposed to.  I like it better like this.  Ooo Wee – do you hear that – I’m getting all “sewing combative” in blogland.

Also, I have a really old “family” mirror of the Chief's that needs some work and I’m going to putty, sand, paint and distress.  That should prove interesting.  The Chief was terrified when he saw I bought a putty knife and some primer.  Hee hee, I love that.  I am sooo doing this just to prove I can.  

It’s going to be a great week, I refuse to believe anything else but…

Happy sewing.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Go visit Whimsy Couture

Happy Wednesday!

Well not a lot going on - haven't done any sewing in the last few days, but hope to rectify that this evening when I finally get home from work.  I have 2 aprons that I want to make - I'm excited - I can see it in my head and hope, hope, hope it comes out even close to what I want it to.  Will share later either way!

I wanted to share with you a site that I found, that I think is really cool.  Whimsy Couture Boutique
I am challenged to try new things when I dig around on this site.  So many tutorials and links - I have so much to learn.  Check it out if you have time.  Today, Wednesday is link-up day on their site and they offer you the opportunity to share and stare at all things being created by others in blog world.  I love it, go look.

Happy sewing. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Pillow

Happy Monday!

Well, its been a hectic month - Mom was in the hospital and now she's with us for awhile.  She wants to go home, but well, we will see when.  This is getting to that time when you know what's coming but it's only partly there - know what I mean?  It's going to be tough.  I know that.  She does too, although she just wants to get home.  Anyway - more on that as life goes on, I guess - One Day at A Time - I loved that song when we used to sing it at church when I was little - I can hear it in my head...It's my new "old" favorite song...Do you remember it as well?  It will probably keep me sane at this point...  Well that and sewing :)

The Chief and my 8 year wedding anniversary was this weekend.  We went to Kemah and listened to a band he likes - Ezra Charles - its kinda boogie woogie - bluesy (YouTube him if you like) - it was nice, but man it was hot.  Why the heck the wind wasn't blowing at the beach, I will never know.  We finally gave up around midnight and went and ate Mexican food, had margaritas and went home to crash.  He got me a cobalt blue bird bath for my gift and I absolutely LOVE it.  Its so pretty - I hope they use it.  We have red birds and doves and sparrows, oh and one humming bird, but it hasn't come back.  The Chief is determined to get some - we have feeders everywhere.  Birds are kind of our thing now.  I love looking in our little back yard and seeing them out there. 

I might as well confess now that the Chief sees approximately two movies a week.  I see one usually on the weekend.  If you ever want a personal review, let me know and I will ask him :)  We saw Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz - she was pretty funny in this.  Anyway, that's about all we did this weekend...

Oh, HELLO, how about the pillow I made?  Yes, I made ANOTHER pillow.  This one was for my husband's boss' daughter who just graduated from high school and is going to Ole Miss.  It was a duplicate of the other one listed before - just different fabric.  It didn't have the UMPH because it was red on red, I have to remember that in the future.  Anyway, here's the photos, kinda of blurry but finished late last night and that's what you get! 

Well, nothing more to report, really.  I am working on two aprons with the bee fabric, which I cut out using another apron as a guide, that should prove interesting.  Will share when I'm done. 

Have a blessed Monday - Happy Sewing!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Love Frame, Bow Pillow & Bee Fabric - Oh My!

Hi, I’m back.  Kinda like the flu I think I have right now.  Cough cough, poor pathetic whiney me…

Wow, finding time to keep up with this blog is really difficult.  It’s cathartic; you know what I mean, but time consuming.  I miss it either way. 

Well, I have been busy – I made this frame with b/w photos of my grandson for my Mom for a mother’s day gift.  Not a great photo of the project, but it came out really cute in person.  I got the idea from a blogger, but I couldn’t find a four photo frame, so I put fabric in the other squares.  It’s really cute, but I will point out, if I were a sane person, I would have used card stock instead of trying to mess with fabric for the empty frames, but I am a fabric addict now and just couldn’t see using anything but…
I did intend for my Hayden angel to be in half of the photos, but I didn’t get to him in time. Oh well, he will have to be the star in a different project.

I stayed up two nights ago until 1:30 a.m. making this pillow you see below for my stepdaughter, who graduated high school last night and is headed to LSU in the fall.  (Who will not appreciate the effort and will probably toss it on the floor, but I did it and I’m proud of it!)  Also, with 2 nights of no sleep, I’m delirious now, does that even make sense?  Cough cough, tired, sick and whiney again.  Sorry.  

We got back home last night at 12:40 a.m.  I’m beat!!!  I got the idea for the pillow from Liz Stanley at Big Bow Pillow Tutorial.    She got the bow part of the tutorial from someone else (mentioned on her site).  Ok, here’s the deal…I remember the ASVAB tests from high school with those little unfolded boxes and you have to pick a b or c to decide which one it would fold up and look like.  Ok, well after the results were read, they told me to head to a clerical future because I was NOT technical.  Which is true and which I did.  I digress, making that bow as instructed was an impossibility for me.  I finally had to watch a Youtube video for that part and hand sew (which I stink at) the little opening closed.  But in the end, somehow, at 1:30 a.m. I finished the cute pillow and it all faced the right way and looked pretty good.  I would wipe the sweat off my brow now, if I weren’t too tired to lift my arm at this point.  Note that the bow is large and droopy, my stepdaughter is not the perky little bow type, so it came out perfect for her.

Thank God it’s Friday, I mean this sincerely.  I’m beat, did I say that already, can’t remember, sorry.  I have 2 adult bib aprons to make from scratch, which I do not know how to do.  I want them reversible because the cotton isn’t thick enough on the one side, but its really cute fabric from PaperKitz on Etsy 
Ok – if you know this, please help.  I ordered graphics for the pockets and they are adorable.  But apparently you have to buy transfer paper to print them out on and then iron on…well I’m not mentioning anything, pleading the 5th and all, but that paper doesn’t work in all printers.  Don’t ask.  It’s starting to feed things again, guess the stick wears off eventually.  I know, I know.  That’s why I’m asking for help!!!

I also have another no sew tutu to make and a baby blanket with satin binding to do.  Sewing projects are like going to the buffet at a restaurant and then filling your plate up and loving it all and wanting it all, but no way you can do it all at one sitting, right?  UFOs are all around me.  Hee hee.  I love it tho.  I am so in love with making something from scratch.  I feel powerful!  Well I would if I didn’t feel so tired.  Choo choo ain’t chugging up any hills today, that’s for sure.  

Okay, nothing constructive to say now, rambling in fact, so I will go.  I just hope you have a fantastic weekend.  Get lots of rest, I know I plan to, for sure.  Hopefully I will have more pics next week from anything I can manage to complete.  

Happy Sewing!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Staycation and Sewing - Its all good...

No big trip for vacation last week, just a staycation - slept a lot, lots of movies.  So nothing really to report. 

I only have a sec, but wanted to share what I made this weekend.  The baby that’s not a baby anymore – got a onsie with a “Cars” tie on it, one burp rag, which he probably doesn’t need, but had to give them at least one and a matching teddy bear pillow with dark blue piping and a minky and dark blue satin bound blanket (grandson Adam is modeling for me, love my baby). 

 I made the blanket really big, so that he can grow into it and hopefully enjoy it for a long time to come. Those things you might call corners, well that didn’t go exactly as I pictured in my head and I finished it with 2 seams up the little point at the end instead of one, to make sure it stayed together.  But hey, for a first attempt, I was really excited.  Adam asked for one, I’m thinking baseball…..and my Hayden angel will need one too.  I love my grand boys!!!

Anyway, I need to make an apron for a friend and a great big lounging pillow for a teacher for the end of school gift, so I’m still going to be busy.   

P.S.  I apparently have an addictive personality.  I cannot stop looking at and buying fabric.  I love love love the retro stuff.  I’m glad my Mom gave me her sewing machine.  Love you Mom!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm back - with a vengeance :)

You know when you have one of those weeks and then it turns into one of those months….  Well, that’s where I’ve been lately – sort of stuck in that mode…So, I’ve decided that its time to pull up the ole boot straps and get moving …

This is me moving, HELLO!!!!  Hope you are all doing well.

I haven’t sewn nearly enough lately, so I jumped right in and I traced a shirt, like you see them say on tutorials.  Lay it out, trace and sew – well that’s great unless you actually have boobs and there is a little more involved – hi there – shrugged my new silk, cute little, tank on and looked like I ran smack dab into a window – flat as a pancake and SCARY too.  Hee hee.  Ok, I get it, there is more involved than just “eyeing” something.  I am not sharing that photo, I think the mental picture is sufficient!

Before that little moment of disaster and clarity and amid my “bad” week I had to revert to drawing to get “out” the feelings – I haven’t drawn in a really long time, but this felt right.  See if you can feel the anger in the eyes…I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m really quite an emotional woman – all those female hormones running rampant – look out.  The poor Chief doesn’t stand a chance, serves him right the little ball of testosterone.  

Ok, so I’m back on track, feeling more like me (really, I promise) and I’m back on project.  Which unfortunately has been delayed enough that the new baby isn’t new, the project won’t fit him and this is now a gift for a co-workers pregnant wife.  I do still have to put in the elastic, just sharing before I finish and pack it up.  I found that old retro fabric and fell in love.  I'm glad I finally got to use some of it.
It is cute tho right?  I loved the idea.  Please disregard the fact that I moved the fabric – mid-sew – and it bobbles.  I hate straight lines, no really, HATE them.  I got the diaper cover idea from 's Diaper Cover Tutorial and I have seen the onesies everywhere.  I think they are both adorable. 

Now I am going today to get fabric to make a pillow and blanket for the first intended baby.  I’ve been looking at blogs and there are soo many ideas.  If you have a really neat link, share.  I want to try something not too difficult, but fun.

Well I’m back and its going to be a great week.  We are supposed to go to the Memphis in May BBQ contest this entire week (12 hour drive each way), but at this point its pretty obvious that there is literally “epic” flooding there and when we get there, Louisiana is going to get it and we may not be able to get back.  Long story short, we are watching weather today and making the big decision tonight.  Either way, I am sooo off tomorrow for the rest of the week.  I see sewing in my future – yee haw!!!   I really stink at it tho.  I hope practice makes perfect, because that’s all I got folk, lots of practice.

Have a wonderful day, wanna know why?  Because you DESERVE it!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

It’s a new day!

Well Easter was an overall success, I think.  I hope yours was as well!  I got to see my handsome grandsons – and the rest of the family too.  That went amazingly well, surprisingly (sometimes getting all the family together is tricky to say the least and not always joyful.  It happens).  Had to share - bear with me :)

This is my mom and her great grandson, my little man, 4 generations wrapped up in that photo.  Aren't they sweet? 

We had an almost 3 hour drive (one way) to Austin Friday and immediate return to pick up a table and chairs.  6 Hours, almost straight – yikes.  But we got the most beautiful table and chairs.  The Chief finished staining the floor in the dining room and we painted the walls and this is where we are now…..Not bad at all, I say!

On the long drive to Austin (and I’m not going to be tacky, okay yes I am, and mention I was mad at the Chief at the time, it turned out that working on making that tutu was excellent therapy and was a good chore to do quietly.  He did tell everyone that I was tying those knots into furious little tight ones, heehee), I made this no sew tutu for a friend’s daughter courtesy of the YouTube tutorial by Sarah at Camryn's Closet – here’s the link – Camryn's Closet YouTube No Sew Tutu Tutorial.  It was really simple.  I really couldn't mess this one up.  Go watch and you will see.

It came out so great.  Alicia spilled bubbles all down the front and I thought the Chief was going to have a cow, but she wore it and looked really hilariously cute in it, so it served its purpose!! 

She loves Dora, which DID NOT go with the theme, but hey - I can adapt - so I dressed up a Dora I cut out of fabric.  She loved it.
Oh, and for fun I took a really cute nest cake I made, the how-to of which I found somewhere online (sorry I don’t remember where exactly) but it was so easy and that’s malted milk ball candies on it for eggs.  They were perfect.  We left before we got any, but it looked so festive, who cares.  I was glad I made it.  I carried it in my lap for the hour and one-half drive up there, I was so determined.  They told me I was all Martha Stuartish and I just beamed!

I ended the no drinking fast for lent with a slight binge – so I have a queasy tummy and a thumping head and little whit (sorry) but am content with the weekend and wanted to share.  

Onward and upward people!  It’s a new day.

Oh, by the way, the Chief did threaten my life if I didn’t start making things for the house instead of for everyone else.  Does that happen to you?  The making for others, not the threats. J  Anyway, I guess I’m sewing curtains next.  Look out!  Straight seams are called for, right?  Yikies!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fury and Finally Fulfillment! What is a Layer Cake Skirt?

I say this with sincere honesty, are you ready?  That layer cake skirt that everyone is talking about and making, raving about, was my own personal devil.  My nemises, my nightmare.  I finished this little monster at the rise of what looked like a full moon outside last night, and man is that appropriate or what?  I felt like howling when I finally finished it, I can tell you that....Long long long story short...

First - here is the link I used from Prudent Baby .
Note her skirt is adorable - her photos are so helpful and clear - her tutotial is great - simple - no problem, except if you are me.... quick recap.

I never gathered a skirt before - nice NOT to break bobbin string - too late
Lady at fabric store literally butchered the bottom of the fabric - didn't notice til start sewing - I know I don't know what I'm doing, but she's supposed to, right?  HELLO!!! Not wininng here...
I know I now have to sneak off for more fabric, because I'll be, excuse my french, damned if I'm going to let this skirt beat me...
Let out frustration - puppies ran and the Chief offered to go and buy one more piece for me - I put it on top - so now skirt has 4 layers not 3 - don't ask how that worked out.  Sew up side seam, easy right?  Ruffles didn't line up - rip out seam - more frustration - dogs won't come in house anymore - resew with pins - doesn't line up - I'm so quiet I'm scared too, I rip out seam again - hand sew first to keep lines straight - it worked - Glory, Halleleujah - then Chief says it looks like its from Walmart - at which time I burst into tears, he quickly backs up to attempt explanation that it looks good enough to be store bought - (that was quick thinking) I sniff and snuff my way into putting in the elastic waist.  I lean down, bang my head on table and smile.  I'm done.

 When I go to put it up I realize I have some extra fabric from second trip - I cut out a bird and fused it to a plain white shirt - and voila!  I did it. 

I gave up alcohol for lent...that about says it all.  Yep.

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Consumed by Chaos

Sad but true, no crafty craftiness created last night, no simply scrumptious sewing served - instead - there was this....

and this

My husband and I decided to rip up all the carpet and just stain the cement for now - my beautiful babies Rocky and Angus - kind of make it necessary. 

I love them anyway.  Please note that even tho you can't see it, the "Chief" (as my husband shall hereby be known, easier than calling him the Boss, he thinks they both apply) put in a doggie door that they have complete and utter access to at all times, and only use when they feel like it.  I couldn't make a stair rise if it didn't already do it, hee hee.  I'm a grumpy door mat today, I'm afraid...

Anyway, I got home after my 12 hours away for work (this is me whining again) and walk into that....and it went on until around 11 pm, so then we were at BW3's (wing place) at 11:15 pm (who knew the city of Tomball stayed up that late?)  bath and bed by 12:15.  I think I should just accept my fate that Midnight seems to be my, as we say in Texas sometimes, thang.  Yawn, yawn, yawn...I'm too old for this crap and I didn't get to sew anything, couldn't even get to the table with the sewing machine.  Heck, I couldn't even find it at first.

Oh well, eventually I intend to get organized, get my home decorated up, and take a nap at some point in the near future.  I think I can, I think I can - I'm soo the little engine today.....

Last but not least, I pray that those guys in my house are GONE before I get home tonight, so I can put on some rollerskates and race around the downstairs, puppies chasing close behind!  Actually it probably needs to cure or whatever - I'm so not DIY but I am determined to learn - possibly to my detriment, no, probably to my detriment.  Me and power tools or stain - oh yeah - there's a good idea.  Before and afters would be hilarious or gruesome, hard to know yet.

Random thought, need frilly creation ides for walls to assert my feminine authority and drive the Chief nuts.  Any ideas?  Share please....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yawn, Midnight Night Again Last Night!!

Well it was another Midnight night last night.  I almost choose not to have company over anymore, since I can’t get right to the sewing with them just sitting there.  It makes me squirm, like “hurry up and eat, will you?” now “bye bye, here’s the door”.  I know, I sound obsessed and I am definitely motivated.  I like being able to make something out of something else.  I actually feel confident and proud that I finished another burp cloth without a problem.  Yay me. 

I also found this little craft project where you cover your mouse pad, which I did and it came out nicely, if I do say so myself.  I love the fabric.  We cannot go too unconventional at our desks at work, but I love knowing I can change the fabric anytime I like.  I made this one for my sweet co-worker, but the next one is for me!  So, I may be tired, and I am, but when I look  at my pretty new mouse pad, I smile.

Here’s the link for the mouse pad cover tutorial from – note that I used sewing pins to hold the fabric tight until it dried.  Worked great for me.  Yes, I could have snipped the corners and rounded them, but I like the little angles, that's just me.

Last but not least, I wanted to share with you a pillow I made for my grandson Hayden at Christmas.  Yes I know, ANOTHER PILLOW.  The fabric was already quilted and it was a booger to sew straight through the fuzz, especially since I can't sew very straight anyway, but it came out nice and I love the fabric.  So does he. 

Side note here, Joanne's has their pillow forms on sale right now and I walked right past them without reaching for a single one.  It's like rehab for me, but I can do it!!!!

Well, happy sewing and crafting.  I'm off to attempt onsies with a tie applique and diaper covers tonight.  No promises, eventually I have to sleep, right?  Yawn.

Have a terrific Tuesday! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Manic Monday or is it Worn from the Weekend?

It’s Monday. 

Today is my grandson Hayden’s 2nd birthday.  Go Hayden!!!  I love that angel.  He was supposed to go to Galveston with his mommy for the day, but cloudy outlook is ominous, so he will love Chuck E Cheese instead, who doesn’t right?


And now, drum roll please, my creative journey continues…..

This weekend I bought things, planned things, cut things, stenciled something (can’t do that AT ALL) and I sewed together a burp cloth from a tutorial that I picked up at Homemade by Jill

I would like to mention that there were awesome instructions, pattern and photos on her site.  Loved it!

The first burp cloth – was a little trial and error for me and I’m not explaining how I made something so easy, difficult, but as it turns out, thank goodness, it was eventually incredibly easy.  I mean incredibly easy, and so cute. 

But, my lesson on the second one that I made is this …

When you purchase fabric with blocks – that means there are lines – straight things that you can compare, no wait, I mean, that THEY can compare to your seam across the middle.  When you do not cut straight or sew straight (hello, I thought no one would notice), it shows.  Until I am more careful, I’m sticking with prints that make me look crafty and clever.  See photo below. - The sewn line is straight its the fabric that was not cut right :(

I drove into work today, so I’m thinking that I may leave at lunch and go to the major fabric store that is here in downtown Houston.  It’s calling my name…I need more FABRIC, can’t have enough FABRIC – but where to hide it from my husband…heehee

and tonight – I am working on diaper covers for the baby gift.  That should truly be an adventure – I mean, hey, eventually I have to figure out straight lines, so in the meantime I’m going to try curves around legs and elastic for fun.  Isn’t that like learning to run before you walk?  I believe I’m a glutton for punishment…but its so much fun to try…………..

Onward and upward…..

Friday, April 8, 2011


TGIF world! Its me again.  I’m on day three, and it has definitely become an official “roll”, right? 

Ok – This week I made and /or actually completed a couple of projects.  I believe the blog world calls them UFOs?  (Unfinished objects, get it?)  That’s so cute.  The first is a lounge size pillow I made for my niece.  She picked the fabric and the pompoms.  It’s made with the envelope flap on the back so it can be washed (and yes, it is yet again, a PILLOW).  I'm sticking with what I know, but the lady at Joanne's swears I can move on to a skirt.  Anyone have a newbie skirt pattern that can't be screwed up?  If so, I'm interested.  :)

Also, I am happy to announce, that after one year of choosing and purchasing the fabric, I actually sat on the floor until midnight and ironed, pinned and sewed a seam / hem (this is my sewing “newbie” knowledge showing) for a valance / scarf thingee that hangs over my window in the powder room, and the seam is almost straight.   It looks really pretty good to me.  Whose laughing now, I know I wasn’t, I was seeing double by then.  What do you think?

Thanks everyone for the comments - still love to hear back with suggestions for future projects and maybe just stop by to say hello.  Feel free to follow - it will get better!

Just for fun - this is the view at The Oasis Restaurant overlooking Lake Travis in Austin, TX.  Isn't it beautiful?

Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Was it good luck or old age? Is 45 old?

What do you think happens, when Sex and the City 2 finally comes on HBO, but not until after 11:00 pm?  Well, if you are like me, and I was so enthralled and enamoured with the new show, that I sat diligently, staring ahead barely blinking....listening, smiling, excited and nervous....

I loved it all.  The clothes were luxurious and colorful, the people endearing and adorable.  I was in love all over again....But,

perhaps it was the desert sand or maybe the cool drinks they were drinking, the fountains, the pool?  Or, I guess, it could have just been the "obvious" of Samantha taking a yam faced bubble bath....

Whatever it was, after time had passed and I couldn't possibly look or walk away, even to go to the bathroom...

THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!!

Springing up suddenly, I sprinted like the wind, short hair flying, sliding around corners - not noticing the puppies looking up shaking their heads at my usually unusual behaviour and then laying back down and hiding their little faces in embarrassment...

to THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally forgot.  Totally.  I had actually run my bath before I walked into the living room and the SHOW caught my attention.

I knew it had to be bad as I screeched to a stop at the doorway, closing my eyes before I looked in the room, thinking I would wade in, but as I stared in surprise and with dumb luck and more surprise, I guess that little drain hole actually works.  Wow.  The water filled to the tippy top.  (Note the lovely little drain hole cover I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond, so that it helps fill the tub even fuller).  Thank goodness they realize some people can't be trusted (me) and they put a hole in their drain hole cover.

I turned off the water.  I stood there a moment, adrenaline forcing the blood to pump in my ears with a roar.  Took a deep, calming breath.  Then, I turned and sprinted like the wind, short hair flying, sliding around corners - noticing, but ignoring the puppies looking up shaking their heads at my usually unusual behaviour, I jumped back in my chair (I admit it rocked a tad back and forth) and finished the movie.

By the way, it ended at midnight and I have to get up at 6 a.m. for work, but in the end, after the movie, I stepped in carefully, lay back slowly and smiled as the water rose back to the tippy top.  In the end, I got the movie and the bath. 

Isn't life wonderful?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My first masterpieces or pieces of matter, its a matter of opinion!

What I have learned thus far, I learned off the following YouTube videos. 
Yes, I have taught myself what I consider sewing basics off of YouTube.  I love the “Tube!”  Also and more importantly, thank you so much ladies who post there, because without you, Mom’s sewing machine would now be a doorstop for the back door. 

I have made pillows and pillows with piping and envelope pillows and envelope pillows with piping, and pillow cases, dresses out of pillow cases and remarkably something called a sausage pillowcase. 

  So, down with the nay sayers and the comedians who judge!  Sewing and crafting sister’s unite.  Let’s cruise!  Oh speaking of cruises… wait, that’s a discussion for another time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I made it!

Hi!  Ok – since this is my first blog entry – and since I’m kind of feeling my way through this – please be patient!  I promise it will get better.  I think to get started, maybe there are a few things you should know about me…

  1.  I took choir in 7th grade, not Home Ec.   Unfortunately, at this stage in the game, I can neither sing nor sew without making someone laugh, but I will never give up the attempt either.  Perseverance is my middle name!

  1.  I commute 3 hours a day between home and work (mostly on a park-n-ride bus), so thanks Hubby for the 3G IPad that I use to scan incessantly all things sewing and newly discovered blogs.  Just how many bookmarks will it hold, oh my.

  1. I am twice married, with two kids, two grandsons, two Italian greyhounds (my babies) and an old sewing machine that my mom gave me with an instruction booklet and her blessing. 

If you want to keep up with something that’s random and rambling but wonderfully weird and sometimes witty, come with me.  Let’s journey together….

And “sew” we begin – PUN INTENDED!