Monday, March 3, 2014

Changes are good..... Right?

Ok, so, changes

Well today is my last day at my job.  It would have been 8 years in June and its sooo past time to move on. It has been a weird, uncomfortable situation and I've been really, really stressed out lately.  

I find it amazing, how stress can affect so many physical areas of our bodies and mind.  I'm intense.  I will admit it, I am and even when I am drawing or sewing people say I'm too worried about it being perfect and not enjoying the experience.  And you know what?  They are right.  I have to learn to relax and enjoy and stop worrying so much.  I love to sew and I get so excited about things that I may have several projects going at once.  I usually do, but I love that too. 

So, I have a baby quilt that I am totally learning to do by mixing You Tube and Blogs and Pinterest.  There is so much amazing information and creativity in our world. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that people share their knowledge online.  I am bouncing around like a rubber ball trying to soak everything up like the world's biggest sponge - Ha, gotta love me some analogies!

This is the quilt.  

I actually sewed the binding on the back last night with perfectly mitered corners, I think.

So, tonight it's time to sew the front binding and I am done with my first official quilt.  Granted, its a strip quilt and I did line quilting, not free motion, but it's still so beautiful...  See, I'm doing it again, making excuses on why its not perfect instead of just saying this....


Well midway through the quilt project, I got stuck.  I set it aside and didn't go upstairs for a few days.  Then I happened to see this video about craZy quilting blocks made from scraps.  I thought, hmmmmmmmm, and so I did this....

I know, yikes right?

and then I made this....
it's a 12" square and I love it.

So I have decided a CHANGE is needed; this is my new sewing philosophy...

Breath, relax, shoulders down, and maybe a little wine (couldn't hurt) and next time I get stuck, I will make another crazy block to distract me.  Eventually, I expect to get stuck enough to have a quilt worth of crazy blocks and BONUS; I will make a quilt with them.  This is me smiling!

So, okay change is scary, but change is good and I'm going to embrace it!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Time to play catch up

Well, it's been a while since I've been on.  Soo many projects I'm on and yet soo many that I still need to do.  I have to stay off Pinterest, because when I don't, I do this:

 Brown Butter Snickerdoodles

Ford Pillowcase for Adam (he loved the colors and picked the fabric) 

I HAD to make a mini tissue cover and the owl fabric was tooo cute. Note the Chief says this thing is useless, NOT to make anymore.  He just doesn't get it, right?  I CAN'T stop, hee hee.

and I can't remember if I posted this, but THIS cake was my Halloween masterpiece!!!!

In November a bunch of us did the 5k Turkey Trot in downtown Houston, this is my dad, "Pappy".  I have to say, he walked soo fast that everyone had trouble keeping up with him and there was quite a bit of whining going on.  Which was hilarious.  (Yes sorry for the gesture, but he was saluting my husband the Chief.  If you question him, he says he's an Irishman and he will do what he #@&# well pleases.  They love and torment each other at all times.  That too is hilarious.)


This is Tucker (#3 grandson) and me, "Maw" spending some quality time together.  I held him the entire time I had him.  It was such precious moments.

Well, there is loads more, but I either don't have photos with me, or, the project isn't finished (to be honest, it's definitely the second one) but I will keep going and share when I can.

Please be safe, be happy and enjoy those moments!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

SHHH, can you keep a secret? It's like Christmas in September!!!

Wow, it's been a while since I've been here.  Not that I haven't done some things, just mostly haven't finished all of them.  Gosh, I hate saying that.  Anyway, today is a very special day.  It's a "moment" for me that I wanted to share.  

See that, in that photo?  Yep, that's me and MY OWN PERSONAL, VERY OWN, JUST MINE, BRAND NEW, FROM IN THE BOX, sewing machine.  It's so great, I'm so excited I could spit.  I have used my Mom's old one for years and it was great, don't get me wrong.  But this one has a drop in bobbin with see through cover, so I never run out again, 100 programmable stitches, needle stop up or down - it's so awesome!  AND IT'S MINE.  I could go on and on and on....  Of course, I WILL have to get it upstairs undetected, not sure if I can hide that smile tho :)   see, hee hee.  I just have to wait for that trade of his new running shoes for my machine.  I can wait for the reveal, but I will probably know how it all works by then, because I CAN'T wait to use it. That's not bad, right?  I'm thinking, NOPE.

I just realized its been months, May actually, since I last posted anything.  Well, here are some things that have happened, and/or I made:

Our ten year anniversary was in June.  We went to Niagara Falls.  I've always wanted to go. Stayed on US side (no passports) but it was wonderful.  I took this from the observation deck - we did the Maid of the Mist and went into the falls and we climbed the falls on stairs.  It was a fun trip!

Later, I made some placemats, which were sewed so well, I impressed myself.  But the Chief did NOT like the pattern.  Said it looked like a cafe.  So guess they go on table outside and I have to find something for his REFINED tastes :Þ

I made a zippered pouch for a friends daughter's 21st bday - she loves skulls, go figure.  Oh, we put a gift card in it, not even trying to pretend that would have been present enough.  All that glitter got everywhere too.  NOT doing that fabric again.

Then I decided to make a Halloween doll - so I sketched out what I was thinking and then I made it.  I didn't attach her yarn hair yet, because I decided I would go with red/orange like her lips, like Sally on Nightmare Before Christmas.  So, I've made the wig, I just haven't changed it out.  Which do you think?  I still can't decide.  She looks pretty goth with black.  Anyway here she is and no name yet, she's my Halloween mascot though...  I think she's adorable.

I sewed a pillow and a zippered pouch for Mom's hospice nurse Lisa.  She was so good to us and especially at the end.  I just wanted to give her a little thank you.  I bought this hilarious fabric on Ebay with all these nurses.  I told her the sassy one with her hand on the hip had to be her.  That felt good to finally say thanks.  

Lastly, I am working on making a headboard that I saw on Pinterest.  It was so cute.  I found this adorable orange fabric.  Grey walls - white accents - I think it will be so cool.   I cut and made all the squares already.  I just have to attach them to a board and get the Chief to hang it on the wall.  Just can't seem to make myself finish that part.  But I will.  This weekend, I hope to finish it and the doll.  Want to move on to new projects.  Again, too many UFO's (unfinished objects)!

Ok.  That's a lot of information from someone who had nothing to say, right?  Sorry, I miss posting.  

I am so in love with my new sewing machine and its not even out of the box.  I can't wait to push all those buttons.  I feel like a kid at Christmas!  

And now some funnies:

Have a wonderful week.  Love you all!


Monday, May 20, 2013


Well it's Monday again and that's okay with me!  (Working on my positive attitude, let's see how long it lasts).

I had a great weekend.  The Chief worked most of it, so I spent a long weekend cleaning house, baking and sewing.  Sounds heavenly, right?  

First I cleaned, for several hours, which I felt good about in the end, even though the dogs dug under the covers and messed up my bed making masterpiece, but they were cold darnit!

Then later, the Chief tracked in mud and grass from the backyard, so I scrambled around trying to wipe and sweep again.

He sampled the peach cobbler, then he left pieces of crumbly and sticky bits on the stove and counter, but he was forgiven instantly when he declared emphatically, "D*% that's good and I don't even like peaches!"

At that point, I made my self a plate, a drink and sat down, DONE.  

Here's the cobbler - it was yummy, I have to admit.

Then Sunday, I decided to try AGAIN to sew a zippered pouch.  The first one I tried a week ago, I pulled the zip off the teeth and couldn't get it fixed, so it went bye bye.  The second one was wonky and I decided to pull all the stitches and try again, since I HATE wasting another zipper.  But finally, after pulling stitches for what seemed like hours, I gave up and it went bye bye too.  So Sunday, when it was quiet and calm and the Chief was elsewhere (building a little deck that will home what will replace our next trip, because of cost), a HOT TUB, (yippeee, picture me jumping up and down), I decided to try again on the pouch.  Well, I must have been distracted, because as I was cutting out fabric, this happened!

As I was cutting out the fabric, I rolled the rotary cutter right over my finger.

It was worse than it looked, but I was a real trooper and didn't faint!  I calmly walked downstairs, stopped the bleeding, got a bandaid and went back upstairs DETERMINED to get this project off my bucket list!

And....  drum roll please,.....

Note the lining and of course the turquoise zipper - so cool.

I was so excited I think it was almost worth the reality of literal blood, sweat and tears!!!

And now it's Monday, so for now - so long dear weekend, I ate well, didn't lose an appendage and am on to my next adventure...  LOOK out, step back, HERE I COME :)

Peace and happiness to you all!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Rosy Red and Loving It!

Happy Monday!

I didn't work on very much this past week, I was waiting for the weekend, but ended up with a tooth pulled on Thursday and totally didn't feel like doing anything at all.  Ok, I couldn't stand it and even though my mouth thumped when I bent over, I still had to start on, what I wanted to be, my next project.

That being said, you know how when you see something in your mind and you head in that direction on a project and then things don't quite work out, but then something happens and we make it work and maybe it comes out even better?  I know, I sound like I'm trying to convince myself, but I totally believe this, this time.

It's another thing I want to keep for myself.  But I don't have the space.  :(

Ok, here it goes, my round about, novice explanation and how I found the sunny side...

It started with a gold framed orchid print that I found by the side of the road down the street on one of our walks.  Hello, FREE.  Chief couldn't believe that I carried it all the way home and I kept moving it around in the house so he wouldn't toss it when I wasn't looking.  I TOLD him I could do something with it.  It was nice like it was - in brand new condition.  I forgot to take a picture but it looked kinda like this...

Just a little longer and taller.  But the frame was cool and I was thinking chalkboard.  Keep seeing them and thought red frame with black distressed stain and chalkboard.  I can still see it in my head.  Well, I finally felt good enough to go outside on Saturday and this is where it started...

Then, this is where everything changed.  I primed the plastic (it wasn't glass, go figure) with Kilz but it kept getting things caught in it from trees and bugs - don't start with me, we are at war with why I can't use the garage right now.  Anyway, It wouldn't sand out enough and I was so frustrated.  I just walked away.  I actually went and got in bed with the puppies and pouted.  Stated my mouth hurt and I wasn't happy.  I know, such a baby.  The Chief offered to take me to an antique store if I would get out of bed, of course I went.  Didn't buy anything but a margarita, but I came home with a fresh eye or blood shot eye, hard to tell.  :)

Then,  I couldn't stand it and I flipped the plastic over to just do the other side the same and noticed how good the white looked through the plastic.  So, I put it in the frame and now its become a dry erase board instead.  Which, now that I acknowledge chalk would have gotten everywhere, this is SO much better and I think it was so clever of me, hee hee.

Also, I loved, loved, loved how crisp and red the color turned out, so I decided not to burnish it with a black stain.  I am really happy in the end.

This is going to my grandson Adam for his room.  I think he will love it!!

So, it's Monday and my mouth hurts less, my project came out awesome and I am ready for a new week.  The big question now is.... What do I do next?  

Bye for now, I soo have to go search Pinterest.   Have a great week!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the wall.... Marvelous!

My weekend update, yay!!!

I had a great weekend!!!

Ok, well Like I mentioned last week, I wanted to try a cap for my dear friend.  I made the reversible beanie from Crafty Gemini, Crafty Gemini Fleece Beanie Tutorial.  It is so cute and I did a great job, if I do say so myself.  Now, its Texas and its going to be hot, so obviously fleece isn't going to work, but "in my sewing novice wisdom" I'm going to try and adapt it to a stretch knit, if that's possible.  Guess we shall see and its a little big, so I'm going to try and cut it down a tad too.  Like I said, we shall see.

What do you think?  I love that it's reversible and I am soo making me some next winter.  Soo cuddly soft!

Oh and have to have Tucker's (#3 Grandson) debut - who is absolutely adorable, right?  His Maw sure does love him!

Ok, and a drum roll please....

Side bar:  I always have this fear of trying something, especially when the Chief is involved and I end up failing at it.  He will critique and I always want him to LOVE it.  So usually I don't bother.  Well I have come across so many things on Pinterest lately, I can't help myself and jumped right in...

Here we go...

Second side bar:  It was windy and I mean like gusts of 12 mph - most paint went on or around the fence and tree, so keep that in mind when looking at the pictures.  :)

Second side bar - part two:  This item belonged to Mom and I remember seeing this on the wall when I was 3 (there is a picture of it even then to remind me).  I wanted to keep the mirror, but needed to update it to fit the new space.  It will always remind me of her, but I know I did this all by myself, it looks fantastic and she would be proud.  Heck, I'm proud.  I tried it and I did IT!!!


How it started:

Getting ready to shake the heck out of the Kilz can:

Wind blowing, primer flowing.  Getting there.

Next, Krylon Gloss White.  Here's hoping.

More Wind blowing and paint flowing.  How did the wind know to blow EVERY TIME I sprayed the can, grrr.  Finally - it has to be enough...

Chief working in yard, wanted help.  I said no way bud, I'm busy CREATING.

Thought I was done, put it all together and then...  Brown overspray on glass from when Mom previously changed the stain.  Yes, all back apart - razor blades ready - scrape, scrape, scrape, yikies I hate that sound, makes my teeth hurt.  Finally its all off, yay - all back together...  and then...  this is where the drum roll comes in...

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this.  I am going to paint the upstairs room a baby blue with an old iron bed and put one of Mom's old quilts on it.  I can see it already.

Well, I am soo happy with my project, I could just spit.  Chief says no one will see the little bubbles - told you - CRITIQUE - but he loves me and he finally snapped that it was good and he should SAY SO.

So the moral of the story is:

Mirror mirror on the wall
Julie's not afraid at all
She has talent
So do we all!!!!!

Have a wonderful Monday.  Go do something and have no doubt.  We are all awesome!!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bow Pillow, Burp Rags and Beanies - Its a B day!!!

Well I feel like I've FINALLY accomplished something.  I stayed up until 2 a.m. - yep another late one, but I made a beautiful bow pillow in one night.  It came out so cute, I love it.  What do you think?

Of course, after the fact, I would change a few little things, but overall I am very happy with this one.  I combined a couple of different blog instructions and this worked the best and quickest for me.  Its very elegant. It was for someone else, I HAVE to start making cute stuff for me.   

I also made a couple of quicky burp rags for a friend that is due in a few months.  Thinking ahead, that's new for me :)  I loved the little birds on the flannel and then did a soft yellow on the back.
I don't know about you, but I seem to have trouble corresponding colors because I get so excited with so many choices of fabric, but I'm determined to at least carry one theme for these baby sewing gifts and I think birds will be it this time.  I love all things bird.  We had a redbird on a feeder this weekend and I was so excited.  The Chief likes to point out that the pretty one is the male, blah blah blah...  I love em all anyway, hee hee.

I have two baby blankets to make and I'm determined to sew one by this weekend.  I'm thinking of putting post it notes with project goals in front of my machine to help motivate me.  

I have a friend, a dear, dear friend who is sick and doing Chemo - they gave her these turbans to wear which are fine, but I think we can do better.  I found a site - Crafty Gemini, again - I love her - and she made fleece beanies.    I want to try a couple and then maybe I can adapt them to a different fabric - at least then my friend would have choices.  It's all cut out, just waiting for me to take the leap and attempt to sew it.  I will post pics when I figure it all out.

That's about it for me.  Guess I should go have a couple cups of coffee, so I can make it through the work day.  

Have a blessed week.  And go sew!!!!