Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Taggie? Tuckered and Tomorrow

Well its been a really long while since I've been online and so much has happened lately, to be honest, I haven't even thought about sewing or making anything.  Sorry for being gone so long, I feel like I have missed so much. 

Well, I finally reached an "I need a tension buster" point in my world and I picked up some unfinished things and finished them.  I made three new burp rags, same as I made before and I saw the cutest thing online that I had to try.  A taggie blanket.  Have you heard of it?  I hadn't.  I did ok for a first attempt, but whoever suggested that you leave the corner open was INSANE.  If you EVER leave an opening to flip - do it on the side - trying to tuck in the edges and form a point and pin and sew while holding the taggies straight was enough to bust my bubble!  I took a few pictures for you to see, I folded it over so you can see both sides.  It was actually fairly easy, although it is not perfect by any means.  Notice or hopefully you don't notice that I tried to hide that uncooperative corner mentioned above! Still it was fun...

I have a few other things I want to make - an envelope pillow cover and a sausage pillowcase and I think I remember how to do those things, so hopefully that will go quick and smooth.  The Chief asked me yesterday if I wanted to get a real machine (this when I was throwing a fit about the corner not sewing together right) and I had to calm down long enough to tell him it wasn't the operation, it was the operator!  I hate telling him that.

Anyway, we moved Mom to a senior apartment the next street over from us.  There is a lot of adjustment for her and for us.  I think she and the country dog have cried a lot lately.  It's for the best, but wow its hard. 

And then there's Rocky - black dog.  He is sick - has been up coughing for three days now.  Vet gave him an antibiotic.  I feel like there wasn't enough of me to go around before (well there's more than enough if you want to talk bulk, but that's not the direction I'm headed here) and now I'm up all night with my baby for the third night.  I kinda look like a zombie from a horror movie.  A big one.  People stopped making eye contact with me yesterday - maybe it was my hair hee hee.  Chief is offering me mucho moola if I agree to dye it back blonde.  Big baby.  I'm doing it of course.  Too tired to rebel...I know you know what I mean.

Please say a prayer, for Mom, for Rocky and for Me.  And let me know if you need prayer, I can add you to my list.  I'm going to have to start writing it down soon.  But always room for more!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  The blessing is that tomorrow we get to try and do it all again if we are lucky!  Thank you Lord for tomorrow!!!