Monday, March 18, 2013

Vegas and Back - now time to sew, sew sew!!!

Well we are back from Vegas and plain tuckered out.  We had so much fun - so many things to see.

KA - Cirque du soliel is amazing!!!  I was in awe with KA.  We went the the Minus 5 Ice Bar where everything including the furniture and glasses are made of ice.  Picture below - that's me sitting down!!!  I think that's where I finally caught my cold :(.

We also went to the Pawn Shop "As seen on TV"  haha.  That's me with Chum Lee.  That was a rainy 44 degree day, but so worth it.  (Maybe that's where I caught my cold).

The Chief ran a half marathon in Red Creek Canyon, but I passed and slept. I know - so lazy...
Kelsey (niece) and I rode the roller coaster on top of NY NY.  I LOVE roller coasters.
Glad we went and glad we are back.

Now, another fellow co-worker has had a baby (now I'm three baby blankets behind, counting my 4 month old #3 grandson).  That's got to be a project for Sunday, at least ONE blanket.  I bought the cutest fabric on Ebay - black and white with little panda bears.  

Cute, right?  That will be blanket number 3 sooner or later.  Maybe with a black minky background?

Puppies were oh so glad we were home.  Missed our babies!!

Oh and we saw Oz yesterday.  Not what I thought, but with 3D and Dbox it was fun anyway.

Have a great blessed weekend!

And happy sewing.  I'm aiming for bunnies for Easter, will share if I dare!