Monday, May 20, 2013


Well it's Monday again and that's okay with me!  (Working on my positive attitude, let's see how long it lasts).

I had a great weekend.  The Chief worked most of it, so I spent a long weekend cleaning house, baking and sewing.  Sounds heavenly, right?  

First I cleaned, for several hours, which I felt good about in the end, even though the dogs dug under the covers and messed up my bed making masterpiece, but they were cold darnit!

Then later, the Chief tracked in mud and grass from the backyard, so I scrambled around trying to wipe and sweep again.

He sampled the peach cobbler, then he left pieces of crumbly and sticky bits on the stove and counter, but he was forgiven instantly when he declared emphatically, "D*% that's good and I don't even like peaches!"

At that point, I made my self a plate, a drink and sat down, DONE.  

Here's the cobbler - it was yummy, I have to admit.

Then Sunday, I decided to try AGAIN to sew a zippered pouch.  The first one I tried a week ago, I pulled the zip off the teeth and couldn't get it fixed, so it went bye bye.  The second one was wonky and I decided to pull all the stitches and try again, since I HATE wasting another zipper.  But finally, after pulling stitches for what seemed like hours, I gave up and it went bye bye too.  So Sunday, when it was quiet and calm and the Chief was elsewhere (building a little deck that will home what will replace our next trip, because of cost), a HOT TUB, (yippeee, picture me jumping up and down), I decided to try again on the pouch.  Well, I must have been distracted, because as I was cutting out fabric, this happened!

As I was cutting out the fabric, I rolled the rotary cutter right over my finger.

It was worse than it looked, but I was a real trooper and didn't faint!  I calmly walked downstairs, stopped the bleeding, got a bandaid and went back upstairs DETERMINED to get this project off my bucket list!

And....  drum roll please,.....

Note the lining and of course the turquoise zipper - so cool.

I was so excited I think it was almost worth the reality of literal blood, sweat and tears!!!

And now it's Monday, so for now - so long dear weekend, I ate well, didn't lose an appendage and am on to my next adventure...  LOOK out, step back, HERE I COME :)

Peace and happiness to you all!