Monday, March 3, 2014

Changes are good..... Right?

Ok, so, changes

Well today is my last day at my job.  It would have been 8 years in June and its sooo past time to move on. It has been a weird, uncomfortable situation and I've been really, really stressed out lately.  

I find it amazing, how stress can affect so many physical areas of our bodies and mind.  I'm intense.  I will admit it, I am and even when I am drawing or sewing people say I'm too worried about it being perfect and not enjoying the experience.  And you know what?  They are right.  I have to learn to relax and enjoy and stop worrying so much.  I love to sew and I get so excited about things that I may have several projects going at once.  I usually do, but I love that too. 

So, I have a baby quilt that I am totally learning to do by mixing You Tube and Blogs and Pinterest.  There is so much amazing information and creativity in our world. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that people share their knowledge online.  I am bouncing around like a rubber ball trying to soak everything up like the world's biggest sponge - Ha, gotta love me some analogies!

This is the quilt.  

I actually sewed the binding on the back last night with perfectly mitered corners, I think.

So, tonight it's time to sew the front binding and I am done with my first official quilt.  Granted, its a strip quilt and I did line quilting, not free motion, but it's still so beautiful...  See, I'm doing it again, making excuses on why its not perfect instead of just saying this....


Well midway through the quilt project, I got stuck.  I set it aside and didn't go upstairs for a few days.  Then I happened to see this video about craZy quilting blocks made from scraps.  I thought, hmmmmmmmm, and so I did this....

I know, yikes right?

and then I made this....
it's a 12" square and I love it.

So I have decided a CHANGE is needed; this is my new sewing philosophy...

Breath, relax, shoulders down, and maybe a little wine (couldn't hurt) and next time I get stuck, I will make another crazy block to distract me.  Eventually, I expect to get stuck enough to have a quilt worth of crazy blocks and BONUS; I will make a quilt with them.  This is me smiling!

So, okay change is scary, but change is good and I'm going to embrace it!!!