Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Gifts and Big Ideas

OK, guilty as charged.  I get these "big ideas" in my head where I think I can just whip up some cute little things for a gift.  Sure I can, I think to myself, it will just take me a couple of hours.  Yeah, well, the last baby blanket took weeks.  No, seriously.  It sat on my kitchen table half sewn forever.  It was that darn silk binding.  The Chief threatened to "lose" that blanket along with my machine if I didn't just sit down and sew.  I did.  Last night.  Until after midnight.  I resewed some.  I pulled some stitches.  I fussed, cussed and was nonplussed.  I wrapped that baby up with a bow along with a pillow I made previously and some burp rags.  FINALLY!

I just handed it to the lucky recipient and told him to tell his wife that it was at least good enough for their puppies.  Although, to be honest, I let my "babies" Angus and Rocky use all of our blankets, so it isn't as wrong as it sounds.  I am glad to be rid of it, but actually rather disheartened about it.  It was not as neat as the first one - and my skills are lacking big time.  I guess YouTube was a great beginning, but perhaps now I should proceed with a few real lessons?  I like the feeling of creating something from nothing.  I like handing someone something that was made with effort and care.  I don't like knowing if someone handed it to me, I would see the stitching and go "hmmmmm"... I guess we are all our own worse critics, right?

As far as new projects, I desperately need to sew a table runner and we need curtains on a window in the dining room.  I could always use some pillows in the living room.  I saw one with a deer head applique that was really cute.  I need to practice more, guess I should practice on things to keep until the lines are straighter and the stitches are consistent.  OK, its a plan. 

Oh, I did see a damnit doll idea that I love.  I know, one project at a time.  Could have used the damnit doll last night while sewing that blanket, though.  See that should be my first priority - sew some, get frustrated, beat the crap out of the damnit doll, sew some, go have a drink, sew some, have more to drink, turn out the lights go to bed and start again tomorrow....I love to sew, yeah right, I love to sew, sure, sure, I love to sew, wah wah wah............. :(