Monday, April 15, 2013

Rosy Red and Loving It!

Happy Monday!

I didn't work on very much this past week, I was waiting for the weekend, but ended up with a tooth pulled on Thursday and totally didn't feel like doing anything at all.  Ok, I couldn't stand it and even though my mouth thumped when I bent over, I still had to start on, what I wanted to be, my next project.

That being said, you know how when you see something in your mind and you head in that direction on a project and then things don't quite work out, but then something happens and we make it work and maybe it comes out even better?  I know, I sound like I'm trying to convince myself, but I totally believe this, this time.

It's another thing I want to keep for myself.  But I don't have the space.  :(

Ok, here it goes, my round about, novice explanation and how I found the sunny side...

It started with a gold framed orchid print that I found by the side of the road down the street on one of our walks.  Hello, FREE.  Chief couldn't believe that I carried it all the way home and I kept moving it around in the house so he wouldn't toss it when I wasn't looking.  I TOLD him I could do something with it.  It was nice like it was - in brand new condition.  I forgot to take a picture but it looked kinda like this...

Just a little longer and taller.  But the frame was cool and I was thinking chalkboard.  Keep seeing them and thought red frame with black distressed stain and chalkboard.  I can still see it in my head.  Well, I finally felt good enough to go outside on Saturday and this is where it started...

Then, this is where everything changed.  I primed the plastic (it wasn't glass, go figure) with Kilz but it kept getting things caught in it from trees and bugs - don't start with me, we are at war with why I can't use the garage right now.  Anyway, It wouldn't sand out enough and I was so frustrated.  I just walked away.  I actually went and got in bed with the puppies and pouted.  Stated my mouth hurt and I wasn't happy.  I know, such a baby.  The Chief offered to take me to an antique store if I would get out of bed, of course I went.  Didn't buy anything but a margarita, but I came home with a fresh eye or blood shot eye, hard to tell.  :)

Then,  I couldn't stand it and I flipped the plastic over to just do the other side the same and noticed how good the white looked through the plastic.  So, I put it in the frame and now its become a dry erase board instead.  Which, now that I acknowledge chalk would have gotten everywhere, this is SO much better and I think it was so clever of me, hee hee.

Also, I loved, loved, loved how crisp and red the color turned out, so I decided not to burnish it with a black stain.  I am really happy in the end.

This is going to my grandson Adam for his room.  I think he will love it!!

So, it's Monday and my mouth hurts less, my project came out awesome and I am ready for a new week.  The big question now is.... What do I do next?  

Bye for now, I soo have to go search Pinterest.   Have a great week!

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