Monday, April 8, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the wall.... Marvelous!

My weekend update, yay!!!

I had a great weekend!!!

Ok, well Like I mentioned last week, I wanted to try a cap for my dear friend.  I made the reversible beanie from Crafty Gemini, Crafty Gemini Fleece Beanie Tutorial.  It is so cute and I did a great job, if I do say so myself.  Now, its Texas and its going to be hot, so obviously fleece isn't going to work, but "in my sewing novice wisdom" I'm going to try and adapt it to a stretch knit, if that's possible.  Guess we shall see and its a little big, so I'm going to try and cut it down a tad too.  Like I said, we shall see.

What do you think?  I love that it's reversible and I am soo making me some next winter.  Soo cuddly soft!

Oh and have to have Tucker's (#3 Grandson) debut - who is absolutely adorable, right?  His Maw sure does love him!

Ok, and a drum roll please....

Side bar:  I always have this fear of trying something, especially when the Chief is involved and I end up failing at it.  He will critique and I always want him to LOVE it.  So usually I don't bother.  Well I have come across so many things on Pinterest lately, I can't help myself and jumped right in...

Here we go...

Second side bar:  It was windy and I mean like gusts of 12 mph - most paint went on or around the fence and tree, so keep that in mind when looking at the pictures.  :)

Second side bar - part two:  This item belonged to Mom and I remember seeing this on the wall when I was 3 (there is a picture of it even then to remind me).  I wanted to keep the mirror, but needed to update it to fit the new space.  It will always remind me of her, but I know I did this all by myself, it looks fantastic and she would be proud.  Heck, I'm proud.  I tried it and I did IT!!!


How it started:

Getting ready to shake the heck out of the Kilz can:

Wind blowing, primer flowing.  Getting there.

Next, Krylon Gloss White.  Here's hoping.

More Wind blowing and paint flowing.  How did the wind know to blow EVERY TIME I sprayed the can, grrr.  Finally - it has to be enough...

Chief working in yard, wanted help.  I said no way bud, I'm busy CREATING.

Thought I was done, put it all together and then...  Brown overspray on glass from when Mom previously changed the stain.  Yes, all back apart - razor blades ready - scrape, scrape, scrape, yikies I hate that sound, makes my teeth hurt.  Finally its all off, yay - all back together...  and then...  this is where the drum roll comes in...

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this.  I am going to paint the upstairs room a baby blue with an old iron bed and put one of Mom's old quilts on it.  I can see it already.

Well, I am soo happy with my project, I could just spit.  Chief says no one will see the little bubbles - told you - CRITIQUE - but he loves me and he finally snapped that it was good and he should SAY SO.

So the moral of the story is:

Mirror mirror on the wall
Julie's not afraid at all
She has talent
So do we all!!!!!

Have a wonderful Monday.  Go do something and have no doubt.  We are all awesome!!!!

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  1. Awesome job! I would love to have a mirror like that!

    When I do a project, I have my teen boy shake the can up for a couple minutes first and then I go at it. I'm going to use my grand kids plastic kiddie pool for a spray painting station this year! I can't wait! It will hopefully help with that dratted wind!