Friday, April 8, 2011


TGIF world! Its me again.  I’m on day three, and it has definitely become an official “roll”, right? 

Ok – This week I made and /or actually completed a couple of projects.  I believe the blog world calls them UFOs?  (Unfinished objects, get it?)  That’s so cute.  The first is a lounge size pillow I made for my niece.  She picked the fabric and the pompoms.  It’s made with the envelope flap on the back so it can be washed (and yes, it is yet again, a PILLOW).  I'm sticking with what I know, but the lady at Joanne's swears I can move on to a skirt.  Anyone have a newbie skirt pattern that can't be screwed up?  If so, I'm interested.  :)

Also, I am happy to announce, that after one year of choosing and purchasing the fabric, I actually sat on the floor until midnight and ironed, pinned and sewed a seam / hem (this is my sewing “newbie” knowledge showing) for a valance / scarf thingee that hangs over my window in the powder room, and the seam is almost straight.   It looks really pretty good to me.  Whose laughing now, I know I wasn’t, I was seeing double by then.  What do you think?

Thanks everyone for the comments - still love to hear back with suggestions for future projects and maybe just stop by to say hello.  Feel free to follow - it will get better!

Just for fun - this is the view at The Oasis Restaurant overlooking Lake Travis in Austin, TX.  Isn't it beautiful?

Have a blessed weekend!

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