Monday, April 11, 2011

Manic Monday or is it Worn from the Weekend?

It’s Monday. 

Today is my grandson Hayden’s 2nd birthday.  Go Hayden!!!  I love that angel.  He was supposed to go to Galveston with his mommy for the day, but cloudy outlook is ominous, so he will love Chuck E Cheese instead, who doesn’t right?


And now, drum roll please, my creative journey continues…..

This weekend I bought things, planned things, cut things, stenciled something (can’t do that AT ALL) and I sewed together a burp cloth from a tutorial that I picked up at Homemade by Jill

I would like to mention that there were awesome instructions, pattern and photos on her site.  Loved it!

The first burp cloth – was a little trial and error for me and I’m not explaining how I made something so easy, difficult, but as it turns out, thank goodness, it was eventually incredibly easy.  I mean incredibly easy, and so cute. 

But, my lesson on the second one that I made is this …

When you purchase fabric with blocks – that means there are lines – straight things that you can compare, no wait, I mean, that THEY can compare to your seam across the middle.  When you do not cut straight or sew straight (hello, I thought no one would notice), it shows.  Until I am more careful, I’m sticking with prints that make me look crafty and clever.  See photo below. - The sewn line is straight its the fabric that was not cut right :(

I drove into work today, so I’m thinking that I may leave at lunch and go to the major fabric store that is here in downtown Houston.  It’s calling my name…I need more FABRIC, can’t have enough FABRIC – but where to hide it from my husband…heehee

and tonight – I am working on diaper covers for the baby gift.  That should truly be an adventure – I mean, hey, eventually I have to figure out straight lines, so in the meantime I’m going to try curves around legs and elastic for fun.  Isn’t that like learning to run before you walk?  I believe I’m a glutton for punishment…but its so much fun to try…………..

Onward and upward…..

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