Monday, April 25, 2011

It’s a new day!

Well Easter was an overall success, I think.  I hope yours was as well!  I got to see my handsome grandsons – and the rest of the family too.  That went amazingly well, surprisingly (sometimes getting all the family together is tricky to say the least and not always joyful.  It happens).  Had to share - bear with me :)

This is my mom and her great grandson, my little man, 4 generations wrapped up in that photo.  Aren't they sweet? 

We had an almost 3 hour drive (one way) to Austin Friday and immediate return to pick up a table and chairs.  6 Hours, almost straight – yikes.  But we got the most beautiful table and chairs.  The Chief finished staining the floor in the dining room and we painted the walls and this is where we are now…..Not bad at all, I say!

On the long drive to Austin (and I’m not going to be tacky, okay yes I am, and mention I was mad at the Chief at the time, it turned out that working on making that tutu was excellent therapy and was a good chore to do quietly.  He did tell everyone that I was tying those knots into furious little tight ones, heehee), I made this no sew tutu for a friend’s daughter courtesy of the YouTube tutorial by Sarah at Camryn's Closet – here’s the link – Camryn's Closet YouTube No Sew Tutu Tutorial.  It was really simple.  I really couldn't mess this one up.  Go watch and you will see.

It came out so great.  Alicia spilled bubbles all down the front and I thought the Chief was going to have a cow, but she wore it and looked really hilariously cute in it, so it served its purpose!! 

She loves Dora, which DID NOT go with the theme, but hey - I can adapt - so I dressed up a Dora I cut out of fabric.  She loved it.
Oh, and for fun I took a really cute nest cake I made, the how-to of which I found somewhere online (sorry I don’t remember where exactly) but it was so easy and that’s malted milk ball candies on it for eggs.  They were perfect.  We left before we got any, but it looked so festive, who cares.  I was glad I made it.  I carried it in my lap for the hour and one-half drive up there, I was so determined.  They told me I was all Martha Stuartish and I just beamed!

I ended the no drinking fast for lent with a slight binge – so I have a queasy tummy and a thumping head and little whit (sorry) but am content with the weekend and wanted to share.  

Onward and upward people!  It’s a new day.

Oh, by the way, the Chief did threaten my life if I didn’t start making things for the house instead of for everyone else.  Does that happen to you?  The making for others, not the threats. J  Anyway, I guess I’m sewing curtains next.  Look out!  Straight seams are called for, right?  Yikies!

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  1. Not quite the same in our house. My hubbie is quite content that I don't make any thing for our house!! All my rejects (and there are many)end up at my daughters as she loves my waifs and mutant strays! Your Tutu looks fabulous!! and that cake looks realllyy tasty. Glad you had a good weekend even if there is a hangover involved. Jealous of your table and chairs... Sue x