Monday, April 18, 2011

Fury and Finally Fulfillment! What is a Layer Cake Skirt?

I say this with sincere honesty, are you ready?  That layer cake skirt that everyone is talking about and making, raving about, was my own personal devil.  My nemises, my nightmare.  I finished this little monster at the rise of what looked like a full moon outside last night, and man is that appropriate or what?  I felt like howling when I finally finished it, I can tell you that....Long long long story short...

First - here is the link I used from Prudent Baby .
Note her skirt is adorable - her photos are so helpful and clear - her tutotial is great - simple - no problem, except if you are me.... quick recap.

I never gathered a skirt before - nice NOT to break bobbin string - too late
Lady at fabric store literally butchered the bottom of the fabric - didn't notice til start sewing - I know I don't know what I'm doing, but she's supposed to, right?  HELLO!!! Not wininng here...
I know I now have to sneak off for more fabric, because I'll be, excuse my french, damned if I'm going to let this skirt beat me...
Let out frustration - puppies ran and the Chief offered to go and buy one more piece for me - I put it on top - so now skirt has 4 layers not 3 - don't ask how that worked out.  Sew up side seam, easy right?  Ruffles didn't line up - rip out seam - more frustration - dogs won't come in house anymore - resew with pins - doesn't line up - I'm so quiet I'm scared too, I rip out seam again - hand sew first to keep lines straight - it worked - Glory, Halleleujah - then Chief says it looks like its from Walmart - at which time I burst into tears, he quickly backs up to attempt explanation that it looks good enough to be store bought - (that was quick thinking) I sniff and snuff my way into putting in the elastic waist.  I lean down, bang my head on table and smile.  I'm done.

 When I go to put it up I realize I have some extra fabric from second trip - I cut out a bird and fused it to a plain white shirt - and voila!  I did it. 

I gave up alcohol for lent...that about says it all.  Yep.

Happy sewing!


  1. Your skirt looks amazing!! It looks better with 4 layers especially with the 2 greens, and the bird on the t-shirt - I want!! I am in the process of sewing an easter bunny! Flaming machine just ate 2 of its paws! 1 paw is on wonky so just unpicking. Good job i'm here on my own. (Swearing) My poor dog's are keeping a low profile (they are not daft!!) Wouldn't dare to attempt what you have incase i sew my hand to it! Well done it really does look fab. Sue x

  2. ok dont know if first comment went through so here goes again.....

    You are awesome and oh so talented. Better than me. We get so many compliments on the outfit. Thanks for thinking of my sweetie pie. Love u bunches...