Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm back - with a vengeance :)

You know when you have one of those weeks and then it turns into one of those months….  Well, that’s where I’ve been lately – sort of stuck in that mode…So, I’ve decided that its time to pull up the ole boot straps and get moving …

This is me moving, HELLO!!!!  Hope you are all doing well.

I haven’t sewn nearly enough lately, so I jumped right in and I traced a shirt, like you see them say on tutorials.  Lay it out, trace and sew – well that’s great unless you actually have boobs and there is a little more involved – hi there – shrugged my new silk, cute little, tank on and looked like I ran smack dab into a window – flat as a pancake and SCARY too.  Hee hee.  Ok, I get it, there is more involved than just “eyeing” something.  I am not sharing that photo, I think the mental picture is sufficient!

Before that little moment of disaster and clarity and amid my “bad” week I had to revert to drawing to get “out” the feelings – I haven’t drawn in a really long time, but this felt right.  See if you can feel the anger in the eyes…I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m really quite an emotional woman – all those female hormones running rampant – look out.  The poor Chief doesn’t stand a chance, serves him right the little ball of testosterone.  

Ok, so I’m back on track, feeling more like me (really, I promise) and I’m back on project.  Which unfortunately has been delayed enough that the new baby isn’t new, the project won’t fit him and this is now a gift for a co-workers pregnant wife.  I do still have to put in the elastic, just sharing before I finish and pack it up.  I found that old retro fabric and fell in love.  I'm glad I finally got to use some of it.
It is cute tho right?  I loved the idea.  Please disregard the fact that I moved the fabric – mid-sew – and it bobbles.  I hate straight lines, no really, HATE them.  I got the diaper cover idea from 's Diaper Cover Tutorial and I have seen the onesies everywhere.  I think they are both adorable. 

Now I am going today to get fabric to make a pillow and blanket for the first intended baby.  I’ve been looking at blogs and there are soo many ideas.  If you have a really neat link, share.  I want to try something not too difficult, but fun.

Well I’m back and its going to be a great week.  We are supposed to go to the Memphis in May BBQ contest this entire week (12 hour drive each way), but at this point its pretty obvious that there is literally “epic” flooding there and when we get there, Louisiana is going to get it and we may not be able to get back.  Long story short, we are watching weather today and making the big decision tonight.  Either way, I am sooo off tomorrow for the rest of the week.  I see sewing in my future – yee haw!!!   I really stink at it tho.  I hope practice makes perfect, because that’s all I got folk, lots of practice.

Have a wonderful day, wanna know why?  Because you DESERVE it!!!!

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