Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Staycation and Sewing - Its all good...

No big trip for vacation last week, just a staycation - slept a lot, lots of movies.  So nothing really to report. 

I only have a sec, but wanted to share what I made this weekend.  The baby that’s not a baby anymore – got a onsie with a “Cars” tie on it, one burp rag, which he probably doesn’t need, but had to give them at least one and a matching teddy bear pillow with dark blue piping and a minky and dark blue satin bound blanket (grandson Adam is modeling for me, love my baby). 

 I made the blanket really big, so that he can grow into it and hopefully enjoy it for a long time to come. Those things you might call corners, well that didn’t go exactly as I pictured in my head and I finished it with 2 seams up the little point at the end instead of one, to make sure it stayed together.  But hey, for a first attempt, I was really excited.  Adam asked for one, I’m thinking baseball…..and my Hayden angel will need one too.  I love my grand boys!!!

Anyway, I need to make an apron for a friend and a great big lounging pillow for a teacher for the end of school gift, so I’m still going to be busy.   

P.S.  I apparently have an addictive personality.  I cannot stop looking at and buying fabric.  I love love love the retro stuff.  I’m glad my Mom gave me her sewing machine.  Love you Mom!


  1. The blanket is really lovely. I love the fabric! I too have a fabric addiction, (can't sew!) button addiction, Felt addiction..... Sue x

  2. I just pretend like I know how - its more don'ts than do's in my finished projects and my work ethic tends to be a little lax as well. Oh well, If they lie and smile, then I'm happy!