Friday, June 3, 2011

Love Frame, Bow Pillow & Bee Fabric - Oh My!

Hi, I’m back.  Kinda like the flu I think I have right now.  Cough cough, poor pathetic whiney me…

Wow, finding time to keep up with this blog is really difficult.  It’s cathartic; you know what I mean, but time consuming.  I miss it either way. 

Well, I have been busy – I made this frame with b/w photos of my grandson for my Mom for a mother’s day gift.  Not a great photo of the project, but it came out really cute in person.  I got the idea from a blogger, but I couldn’t find a four photo frame, so I put fabric in the other squares.  It’s really cute, but I will point out, if I were a sane person, I would have used card stock instead of trying to mess with fabric for the empty frames, but I am a fabric addict now and just couldn’t see using anything but…
I did intend for my Hayden angel to be in half of the photos, but I didn’t get to him in time. Oh well, he will have to be the star in a different project.

I stayed up two nights ago until 1:30 a.m. making this pillow you see below for my stepdaughter, who graduated high school last night and is headed to LSU in the fall.  (Who will not appreciate the effort and will probably toss it on the floor, but I did it and I’m proud of it!)  Also, with 2 nights of no sleep, I’m delirious now, does that even make sense?  Cough cough, tired, sick and whiney again.  Sorry.  

We got back home last night at 12:40 a.m.  I’m beat!!!  I got the idea for the pillow from Liz Stanley at Big Bow Pillow Tutorial.    She got the bow part of the tutorial from someone else (mentioned on her site).  Ok, here’s the deal…I remember the ASVAB tests from high school with those little unfolded boxes and you have to pick a b or c to decide which one it would fold up and look like.  Ok, well after the results were read, they told me to head to a clerical future because I was NOT technical.  Which is true and which I did.  I digress, making that bow as instructed was an impossibility for me.  I finally had to watch a Youtube video for that part and hand sew (which I stink at) the little opening closed.  But in the end, somehow, at 1:30 a.m. I finished the cute pillow and it all faced the right way and looked pretty good.  I would wipe the sweat off my brow now, if I weren’t too tired to lift my arm at this point.  Note that the bow is large and droopy, my stepdaughter is not the perky little bow type, so it came out perfect for her.

Thank God it’s Friday, I mean this sincerely.  I’m beat, did I say that already, can’t remember, sorry.  I have 2 adult bib aprons to make from scratch, which I do not know how to do.  I want them reversible because the cotton isn’t thick enough on the one side, but its really cute fabric from PaperKitz on Etsy 
Ok – if you know this, please help.  I ordered graphics for the pockets and they are adorable.  But apparently you have to buy transfer paper to print them out on and then iron on…well I’m not mentioning anything, pleading the 5th and all, but that paper doesn’t work in all printers.  Don’t ask.  It’s starting to feed things again, guess the stick wears off eventually.  I know, I know.  That’s why I’m asking for help!!!

I also have another no sew tutu to make and a baby blanket with satin binding to do.  Sewing projects are like going to the buffet at a restaurant and then filling your plate up and loving it all and wanting it all, but no way you can do it all at one sitting, right?  UFOs are all around me.  Hee hee.  I love it tho.  I am so in love with making something from scratch.  I feel powerful!  Well I would if I didn’t feel so tired.  Choo choo ain’t chugging up any hills today, that’s for sure.  

Okay, nothing constructive to say now, rambling in fact, so I will go.  I just hope you have a fantastic weekend.  Get lots of rest, I know I plan to, for sure.  Hopefully I will have more pics next week from anything I can manage to complete.  

Happy Sewing!!!!

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