Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Pillow

Happy Monday!

Well, its been a hectic month - Mom was in the hospital and now she's with us for awhile.  She wants to go home, but well, we will see when.  This is getting to that time when you know what's coming but it's only partly there - know what I mean?  It's going to be tough.  I know that.  She does too, although she just wants to get home.  Anyway - more on that as life goes on, I guess - One Day at A Time - I loved that song when we used to sing it at church when I was little - I can hear it in my head...It's my new "old" favorite song...Do you remember it as well?  It will probably keep me sane at this point...  Well that and sewing :)

The Chief and my 8 year wedding anniversary was this weekend.  We went to Kemah and listened to a band he likes - Ezra Charles - its kinda boogie woogie - bluesy (YouTube him if you like) - it was nice, but man it was hot.  Why the heck the wind wasn't blowing at the beach, I will never know.  We finally gave up around midnight and went and ate Mexican food, had margaritas and went home to crash.  He got me a cobalt blue bird bath for my gift and I absolutely LOVE it.  Its so pretty - I hope they use it.  We have red birds and doves and sparrows, oh and one humming bird, but it hasn't come back.  The Chief is determined to get some - we have feeders everywhere.  Birds are kind of our thing now.  I love looking in our little back yard and seeing them out there. 

I might as well confess now that the Chief sees approximately two movies a week.  I see one usually on the weekend.  If you ever want a personal review, let me know and I will ask him :)  We saw Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz - she was pretty funny in this.  Anyway, that's about all we did this weekend...

Oh, HELLO, how about the pillow I made?  Yes, I made ANOTHER pillow.  This one was for my husband's boss' daughter who just graduated from high school and is going to Ole Miss.  It was a duplicate of the other one listed before - just different fabric.  It didn't have the UMPH because it was red on red, I have to remember that in the future.  Anyway, here's the photos, kinda of blurry but finished late last night and that's what you get! 

Well, nothing more to report, really.  I am working on two aprons with the bee fabric, which I cut out using another apron as a guide, that should prove interesting.  Will share when I'm done. 

Have a blessed Monday - Happy Sewing!


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