Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sew Be nice!!!

Hi there.  Yes, me, back like a blast from the past.  We got good news, bad news and just normal stuff going on, so I’m not going to bore you.  Lord knows it bores me.
I have made a few things.  Not nearly enough for what I need to do.  I have posted them below.  At least I try and keep up with what I’ve done.
I made these cookies for Christmas.  Got them off Pinterest.  I'm in love with Pinterest...

A baby blanket I made as a gift.  I saw on someone's blog about rolling the back fabric to the front for a border and I loved it.  So easy.  But I will say, as I keep learning everything the hard way... A pattern (not random) will show if you don't sew straight.  Note triangles get smaller and/or bigger on two sides.  I did fix it when I saw it.  One day I will know all of this before I start.  It came out cute anyway and I made a taggy blanket to go with it.

We leave for a 7 day cruise on February 19, so I’m pretty sure I won’t get much done in the meantime, so hey, no surprise there.
Update on Mom and Rocky – surprisingly enough they both have lung cancer.  The Chief says Rocky must be sneaking out the doggie door at night for a drag – and Mom, well – it hasn’t slowed down her smoking any – they cured her twice already.  Sorry, me being cynical...
So – I’m going to sew – love them while I can – and try and remember that all the time we have is all the time we get with each other.  So be nice!  I’m trying…

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