Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday.  

I hope you have had a good week so far.  We had a great weekend at the Rodeo Cookoff, sporting a tad bit of headache and apparently I made lots of friends, got some beads..., but its supposed to be like Vegas - what happens there, stays there...yeah right....

Anyhoo - Chief had a fit on Sunday night and I got lots of sewing done - if I knew how easy that was to free up my time, I would have done that wayyyyy sooner...  just kidding - maybe - sort of...

Well, I am playing catch up and there are some things I have made lately that I wanted to share.  

First or should I say lastly, I made this adorable Cat in the Hat tote.  I got the instructions here, Cat in the Hat Tote Tutorial although I reversed the fabric - I lined the inside with the stripes - (ahem, did you hear that, I LINED something, oh yeah!)  Anyway, I did a boxed tote bottom that lines up PERFECTLY.  I couldn't believe it!!!  Not sure where my little tote headed, but maybe I will hold out for someone's birthday or baby gift, I think.  

Also, the Chief bought me a serger and I made an entire pillow using it - it was great fun, although I just shiver when I think I may have to thread that thing at some time.  I will worry about that later...much later.  I found the cutest Looney Tunes Dallas Cowboys fabric - so it's yet another pillow, I know, but its serged, which is something new.  Give me a break - I'm a pillow making fool  :)

I edited these pictures to rotate to the right, but they didn't and I'm not going to worry about it, so ENJOY the whole up and down image, yeah baby!  Life's too short to sweat the vertical hee hee.

About a year ago I made this rag quilt.  It came out so cute and I'm still holding it - for two reasons.  First, I don't know who to give it to that would appreciate the amount of work that went into it (since everything takes me twice as long).  Second, I nipped stitches when I was "ragging" it and I have to go back and sew some holes shut.  



I really love this blanket.  It's so bright and cheerful - some special little girl deserves it.  Let me know if you know of one.  I thought about at the hospital, but that's anonymous and I really wanted to see their face when they get it.  When the time is right - I'm sure it will find its home.

One thing that I am sure of by now is that I almost, no ALWAYS, seem to have to resew something on a project.  It's my lot in life I guess.

Ok - example time, ding ding - I saw the cutest little stuffed bunny to make for Easter - sort of combined two Pinterest patterns - cut, pinned and sewed.  So excited - out was out and in was in - even added lace for a little flair - I'm feeling cocky now, yeah baby!!!!  Getting ready to stuff when I realized - yes, its true, the ears are sewn on backwards.... see what I mean - EVERY FLIPPEN TIME!!!

(Ok - see I rotated this bunny as well.  I give up.  Tilt your head to the right and enjoy seeing my backward bunny ears!)

By the end of this week, I hope to finish my quilt repair and rip and resew my little bunny.  Then who fricken knows....I'm on a roll... look out  :)

Have a wonderful evening!

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